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"RAHMANIA FAREEDI SPIRITUAL HUB & It's Subsidiaries are the outcome of the sincere SUFI teachings of My Father and Sheikh, Guru, Ustaad, Teacher Hadrath Khaleel Ur Rahman Shah (R.A) Rahmania Fareedi, Kassimi Fareedi."
-Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi
taweezats & wazaifs

Taweezats & Wazaifs

Different taweezats & wazaifs by Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi for different purposes with complete Ijazah/Permission.

 herbal & natural

Herbal & Natural Remedies

Authentic Herbal, Natural & Home remedies By Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi for different purpose.


Miyan Sahab's Books

Free E-Books & Booklets by Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi on different subjects. Available free to download..

sufi lessons

Sufi Lessons & Tips

Sufi lessons, stories, parables, poetries and thought provoking articles by Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi for the seekers of truth.

astral projection

Astral Projection Lessons

Astral Projections lessons by Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi to learn astral projection easily and comfortably.

living magnet

The Living Magnet

The Living Magnet famous self development program by Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi which has changed the lives of thousands.

“When someone beats a rug, the blows are not against the rug, but against the dust in it.” -- Rumi

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    منفی خیالات
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