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Fat Reducing Talisman

     How to Use Copy and print the talisman and move the talisman into circles on your tummy for 3 minutes twice a day after you getup and before going to bed.   Refrainment:- Avoid rice, oily and spicy foods and must walk atleast 40 minutes […]

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Spiritual Alarm/Rohaani Alarm

Spiritual Alarm   A very interesting yet empiric tip/method to wake up up early morning at a particular time. Just call your name in a moderate loud voice and say i.e “ABC” make me awake at the particular time in morning and you will likely to notice […]

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Imtehan mai Kamyabi (Success In Examination)

  Imtehan main kamyaabi k liye mundarja zail amal karain aur Allah ki bargah main porey dil sey dua karain Insha Allah kamyaabi app k qadam chomey gi. BishmiAllah Shareef 1 dafa Darood Shareef 11 times Ism-e-Allah “Almalik Ul Qodoos” 300 times Darood Shareef 11 times Yeh […]

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Qaraz Sey Nijaat Ka Aamal (to get rid of loan/mortage)

Rozana 90 days tak Esha ki namaz k baad mundarja zail amal karain Insha Allah ghaib sey qaraz ka bandobast hoga. 1 dafa BismilAllah Shareef 1 dafa Darood Shareef 1000 ism-e-Allah “Ya Fataho” 1 dafa Darood Shareef Amal kartey waqat apni hajaat dehaan main rakhain aur phir […]

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  Download Manzil   Description The ayaat (verses) of the Qur’an compiled herein are generally known as “Manzil”. The elders were particularly punctual in reciting this “Manzil” from amongst other du`as and formulas for protection and cure. It was customary to make special arrangements for children to […]

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Memory Taweez/Talisman

    Description This is taweez/talisman is a beneficent gift for students and people with weak memory simply print it out and cover with transparent tape and then wrapped and stitched into pure white cloth put a thread and either wear in neck or tie on your […]

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Protection Taweez/Talisman

      Description This is very powerful Taweez/Talisman which is used to get rid of Asaib (Evil Spirits), Jinnats (Jinn), Hamzaad (Astral Attacks), Evil Eye (Nazar-e-Bad) this Taweez/Talisman brings good fortune in home and the bearer of this Taweez/Talisman is blessed and protected by divine powers. […]

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Nazar (EVIL EYE) K Liye Suratain aur Duwain !

Asslam o Alikum Wa RahmatuliAllah-E-Wabarakatuhu Nazar k 2 tareekey mai Already nazar k topic mai bata chuka hon us k ilawa kuch aur yahan batai de raha hon. Raat ko soney sey qabal 7 dafa Suratul Qausar perh k hathon per dum kar k porey jisam per […]

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Rizk ki barkat (Wealth) k liye Suratain aur Duwain !

Asslam o Alikum Wa RahmatuliAllah-e-Wabarakatuhu Rizk ki tangi door karney k liye, Mulazmat k hosool k liye ya Karoobar aur ghar mai barkat k liye Fajar ki namaz k baad ik dafa Suratul “Muzammil” aur Esha ki namaz k baad ya raat so soney sey qabal ik […]

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