Astral Projection (Chapter III)



I’m sure you guys have definitely enjoyed and made the most of the Chakra Activation & Balancing (Guided Meditation). Now here we are going to learn another significant exercise called “Breath of Death” and I’ve already told you its name in chapter II. The video below will guide you how to perform this exercise.



This exercise should be performed empty stomach

Females while their menstrual cycle should not perform


Breath Of Death (Hubs-e-Dum)

  1. Salam,

    Should we hold our breath every time we breath in for 10 minutes morning and night?


  2. Walikum Asslam Wa RahmatuliAllah-e-Wabarkatuhu,

    Dear Ahmed,

    10 minute is the time of total duration of exercise per session means 10 minutes in morning 1 session and 10 minutes in evening another session but it doesn’t mean to hold your breath for 10 minutes because it’s next to impossible. Initially people become successful to hold the breath for 30 seconds to 1 minute means hold the breath as much as you can and totally conduct the exercise means repeating the procedure for 10 minutes.

  3. Salam,

    How are you doing?

    I have two questions: 

    1) What are the benefits of hubs e dam?

    2) Will you be making any books on how to control hamzaad in the future?


  4. Habs-e-dum is the only exercise that I’m still searching that what it doesn’t benefit 🙂 ….. but the major benefits are channelizing of energy, cleansing of energy, it helps to learn the balancing of energy as well as shifting of energy and opens the heart chakra, give instant activation to subtle bodies etc.

  5. Salam,

    Will you have any ebooks that teach how to get spiritual powers? Like flying, reading minds, looking anywhere in the world, etc. ?


  6. Asslam u alaikum janab..

    i am posting my comment first time, its a very nice site, i found it incidently. i watched video about chakra activation , done this for about one month , still continue daily… i found many benefits during these days… i dont know wether these benefits were due to this activation or not, but i observed some incidents which favoured me a lot. should i continue this chakra activation exercise more..?

    i am very much intrested in these kinds of rohani exercises, which improve inner powers, make powerful… plz guide me to achevie these. iam currenty working as a doctor at jinnah hospital karachi. thanx. ALLAH HAFIZ

  7. Dear Ahmed,

    I really get disappointed when people ask these kind of questions again and again because about spiritual powers, controlling energies and all the related questions have already been answered in my post controlling the energies.

    Aur sab sey bari baat you said flying … so hawa main urna tu bohat baad ki baat hey pehley hum insaano ko chayeh k chalna tu seekh lain :).

    Jazak Allah Ho Khair …

  8. Walikum Asslam Wa RahmatuliAllah-e-Wabarakatuhu,

    Dear Dr. Sahab,

    I feels really good when people come up and i receive feedback no mater positive or negative because it indicates that things actually working. So Jazak Allah ho khair for your feedback first.

    Yes you may continue the chakra activation guided meditation as long as you want because it’s really good to balance the energy centers on the daily basis and by and by you will also learn how to run energy into your body easily and shift from a part to another.

    You must also conduct the exercise you see in this chapter “Breath Of Death (Hubs-e-Dum)” and Insha Allah izzo jal you will also see different benefits of it.

    If there’s anything more feel free to discuss either here or at my email

    Jazak Allah Ho Khair

  9. Salam,

    I appreciate your response. But in spirituality there are steps one can take to achieve these powers. Let me ask it another way. Will you make an ebook or program where you can take people step by step higher and higher spiritually. Alhamdullilah chakra activation and hubs e dam only get you to a certain level. There are steps above these as well and was hoping if you are going to go higher. 

    I apologize if my questions made or make you angry. 



    Thanx for ur kind reply. INSHALLAH i ill try my best to continue chakra activation as i have found may benefits of it, ALLAH k fazal s 2nd HUBS E DUM b start ki h. But one thing i want to share obout habs e dum , as i am doctor; holding breath for a long time and keeping the air trapped in chest is right………!! But exercise practicioner should avoid trapping air in abdomen as it increases abdominal pressure and may cause haemorrhoids , constipation.

    Thanx janab.

  11. Dear Dr. Kashif,

    I’m not sure what you actually referring to by saying “exercise practitioner”, because if you talking about athletic exercises and weight training then yes you’re right holding breath during these exercises can create complications but it doesn’t mean that people conducting athletic and weight training exercises can’t conduct “Breath of Death (Hubs-e-Dum) they can do it but some other time with a gap of atleast 6 to 8 hours.

  12. Dear Ahmed,

    I’m certainly not angry but become bitter sometimes because i receive 100s of emails on daily basis from people who either want to capture hamzaad, jinn or want to have spiritual powers and this is the only which made me write the article “Controlling the energies” as far as if you talk about astral projection so it can’t only make you reach a certain level but it can solve all the spiritual issues and anxieties and it’s only astral dynamics where you can meet different spiritual teachers where you can have good intuitions and inspirations so astral projection is not only a exercise or a practice it’s an institution it self. And Insha Allah I’ll be definitely posting and writing about the spiritual exercises and practices which can be easily conducted without the need and guidance of a teacher but willy or nilly at last one really feel the absence of a teacher/ustaad/sheikh/guru or whatever one call it, because all the ways can’t be walked without a teacher.

  13. Salam,

    I hope you are doing well. I have a couple of questions.

    Question #1: I wanted to ask if you are going to post any more articles. I personally hope you do. 

    Question #2: Is there any technique or a program that can be done to open all the chakras?

    Question #3: Does opening chakras give supernatural powers? I heard they do. 


  14. Walikum Asslam Wa RahmatuliAllah-e-Wabarakatuhu,

    Kaisay hain Ahmed?

    actually have been very sick all these days and couldn’t post any updates but Insha Allah will be posting more articles soon.

    About chakra activation so the guided meditation has already been suggested for it and it can open all the chakras.

    Opening the chakras actually gives the ability to channelize and ability to shift the energy according to will so yes it gives some sort of powers.

  15. Salam Miyan Sahab,

    I hope you are doing better. Alhamdullilah I am doing well. 

    How many days should I follow the chakra meditation for to fully open the seven chakras?

    Also, I heard about siddhis, that if you open the chakras you can fly and teleport and so on. I know I have to learn first how to walk then go higher. But is it true? I personally believe siddhis are real.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  16. Dear Ahmed,

    As far as chakra meditation one should do forever what happens when you become master things become easy and only a 5 minute session can invoke and channelize the energies inside you but still a 5 minute session is important.

    About sidhis some says there are 8 some says there 10 important sidhis in other words sidhis are different levels of spirituality and off course there are levels for everything you want to understand.

  17. Salam,

    Question #1 :Can you provide us different articles that show us how to fully open the seven chakras?

    Question #2: For the hubs-e-dum can we work on at 10 min morning and night then work our way up to more minutes?


  18. Dear Syed Sahab,

    Chakra activation guided meditation method is how you can fully open all the chakras so i don’t think there’s anymore required.

    Hubs-e-dum you may do as much as you want but should be empty stomach, 10 minute morning and evening is average time that’s been given keeping in view the schedule of a normal person.

  19. Salam,

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    My question was that what is your skype id?

    Also will you be posting any new articles?


    • Insha Allah will be posting new articles soon.

      I don't have a personal skype id you may use facebook or email to contact me because skype id is only for WAHDAH HEALING SESSIONS.

  20. Salam,

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    My question was that what is your skype id?

    Also will you be posting any new articles?


    • Insha Allah will be posting new articles soon.

      I don't have a personal skype id you may use facebook or email to contact me because skype id is only for WAHDAH HEALING SESSIONS.

  21. When do you have your healing session, I would like to participate. My skype id is syed215.

  22. When do you have your healing session, I would like to participate. My skype id is syed215.

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