Belief Systems & It’s Importance

What is a belief System?

Belief system is an important factor of our physical reality. Everybody posses a particular belief system and spends life according to it. Nobody in this world can claim to have no belief system. Therefore every human either consciously or unconsciously following a particular belief system and his/her life is circling around that particular belief system. Belief system plays a vital role in every field of life.

How do Belief System Forms?

Well, while many factors can form belief systems, the 2 most important are your parents and your early education. Generally we inherit the belief systems from our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. and either consciously or unconsciously we start to follow these belief systems and make them a part of our life. By and by when practicing these belief systems our mind get used to them and it becomes impossible for us to change them and if we try we get psychological depression, tension, fatigues etc.

We adapt beliefs from our early education this is why it’s highly advisable to choose the right academy for your children; otherwise the result will be “A TRAP OF NEGATIVE BELIEF SYSTEM”.

Like that we come across different beliefs from our friends, relatives, near and dears some of them we ignore and some of them enthrall us and they become the part of our belief system and then our life circles around these beliefs.

Beliefs should not be measured on your likings and disliking but what will be the outcome of those beliefs in your life. When you become successful in evaluating it then you will be able to distinct the right and wrong beliefs. I know it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers but you have to get your mind used to doing this.

Now if we talk about those negative beliefs which have already become the part of our belief system how to get rid of them?

For sure it’s not an easy job to get rid of them because our mind has got used to them but where there’s a will there’s a way.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to adapt the” QUESTIONING”. Make your mind realize about the right and the wrong belief, furnish both right and the wrong belief to your mind and explain the advantages of the right belief and the disadvantages of the wrong one then ask question to your mind about the different significance factors of the both beliefs in your life and let your mind to evaluate.

Trust me it’s the best weapon I’ve ever come across just by practicing it for a few weeks you will see yourself how your mind starts choosing the right beliefs.

Beliefs & Faiths

Beliefs & faiths are strongly connected to each other. Belief system is an important factor of our physical reality therefore when we adapt a belief then our mind starts to conforming it and as soon as our mind get used to it, it becomes our faith consciously or unconsciously. Finally this faith becomes really stronger that we start to analyze and evaluate our daily life things with this faith and this faith compels our mind and our senses to see, hear, feel and find things accordingly.

Let’s say, Mr. Farhan has adapted the belief about the existence of Black Magic & Demons and every wrong thing that happens caused by these evil factors. Now by and by the his mind would start to conforming this belief and once the mind get used to this belief it would become his faith and at last this faith would always compel his mind to see any happenings as a result caused by these evil factors (Black Magic & Demons).

Sometimes faiths like this become really strong that people start to hallucinate. This only happens because of our ill faiths that compel our mind and sense and have them have the rides of hallucination.

To prove of the power of belief you may do a simple technique. Just sit quietly at a pleasant place and focus your mind towards your right hand and start to belief as if it’s getting hot and believe me after couple of minutes you will start to feel the temperature of your hand is rising.

It’s faith that had always helped mankind when they used it the right way. Yes it’s only faith that the messengers, saints, monks, gurus created miracles and have always defeated the evil.

There’s no harm to believe in the existence of evils like (Black Magic & Demons) but believing that every wrong happening is a result of these evils is not wise. This mind set would only lead you towards the trap of Negative Belief System and you would become psychological and spiritual ill.

Excerpts from Miyan Sahab’s Book: ‘Black Magic & Demons Easy Cure’


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