Blessings & Curses

Blessings & Curses

You definitely have come across some people in your life that are believed to be jinx or have the power of curse and can destroy anybody’s life with their curses, or whatever they curse would surely happen. It’s a common happening and I’ve found so many people having different opinions about different people like this jinx and curse stuff and they literally feel scare to say even the righteous things to such people because they belief if they curse them they will be destroyed.

What the heck!

Believe me your negative believe system playing with you. You come to know about a person who’s believed to have powers to curse anybody and this why people remain really cautious with him/her.

Don’t you think it’s a belief as well???

So you adapt the belief consciously or unconsciously now every time if the particular person curses you, your own belief system and your faith will create a reality for you where you find the happenings accordingly.

How beliefs create realities

Well let me explain with the help of an illustration that how our beliefs create our reality ……

See the next image for the illustration!

Look at this picture what do you see?

Don’t move towards the next page until you’re sure of what you see!

As an adult you most possibly saw an erotic image of a woman in the arms of a man. You saw this figure because you are aware of what sex is, and have been exposed to sexual images throughout your life.

However this picture is an optical illusion.

At other hand when children are asked what the picture shows, they say nine (small & black) dolphins and cannot see the erotic figure!

As young children are not aware of sex, their belief systems only allow for them to see things which they think are possible. Since they are not aware of sex, there’s no possibility for them and therefore does not exist.

Now that you are aware there are dolphins in the picture, try and find them.

I See Dolphins!

So what has happened here?

This image shows you reasonably factually how your beliefs selectively filter your reality and therefore determine what you see and experience.

The Reality of Beliefs

Without one piece of fundamental information (i.e. the existence of dolphins) a portion of reality associated with that information is not visible to you. In other words, had not known there were dolphins in the picture you most probably would not have noticed them. But once you are aware of this information, your awareness of reality gets develop and now you can see both the erotic figure and the dolphins.

excerpts from Miyan Sahab’s book: “Black Magic & Demons Easy Cure”


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