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Where are you my love …..?

Where are you my love …..? I’ve been searching for you for so long …… So many pretended to be my real love ….. but failed because they always remained unable to understand my silence the wishes i want to be fulfilled without even asking for them […]

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Nothing can fulfill my emptiness!

Nothing can fulfill my emptiness!   I feel satisfied and filled when you’re around but the times i don’t find you because you have so much other things to do i can’t bind you to be here always with me and the times you’re away, my nights […]

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Only One Can Live In Heart

Only One Can Live In Heart  Once when Hadrath Imaam Hussain Aleyhey Salam was a kid, he asked Hadrath Ali R.A: “Father, who lives in your heart?” so Hadrath Ali RA replied: “Hussain you live in my heart”. He (Hussain) again asked, “What about Hassan?” So Hadrath […]

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Why Parables & Stories?

Why Parables & Stories?   A guru/teacher/shaikh/murshid/peer is like someone who holds the hands of his student, let him/her be relaxed on his shoulders,  and keep telling him/her parables and stories. When the Teacher stops telling the parables, the student finds his/her self somewhere at the other […]

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A True Lover?

A True Lover?   Once hadtarh Musa Aleyhey Salam visited to Mount Sinai and requested to Allah that he had always wanted to meet an extreme lover of Allah so Allah replied O! Musa even you’re my lover but when Hadrath Musa insisted on that so Allah […]

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Controlling The Energies

I’ve been asked so many times by different people that how to control energies. Energies like psychic, kundalni, third eye, jinn, guardian angels and others, and this made me write this explanation. People wanders here and there to know the tips on controlling different energies so they […]

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Spiritual Alarm/Rohaani Alarm

Spiritual Alarm   A very interesting yet empiric tip/method to wake up up early morning at a particular time. Just call your name in a moderate loud voice and say i.e “ABC” make me awake at the particular time in morning and you will likely to notice […]

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