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Competative or Creative?

Competitive or Creative?   Competition is a common belief that almost every person holds. You belief that there are limited number of resources that you have to compete for, competing for good jobs, competing for higher grades, competing for money, competing for success and everything good, but […]

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Avoiding Negativity

Avoiding Negativity   If you want to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals then it’s very essential to avoid the negativity inside you or around you, because until there’s negativity it means you will keep attracting more of it, because either consciously or subconsciously […]

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Beliefs (Part II)

Beliefs (Part II)   The Reality of Beliefs Without one piece of fundamental information (i.e. the existence of dolphins) a portion of reality associated with that information is not visible to you. In other words, had not known there were dolphins in the picture you most probably […]

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Beliefs (Part I)

Beliefs (Part I) A belief is something that you consider to be true, or occur in a particular way. Belief systems act like filters in the subconscious, causing you to see the world in a specific way. They edit your reality, and therefore influence your actions. Beliefs […]

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Introduction To The Law of Attraction

 Introduction To The Law of Attraction   The belief held by many theorists and sages that the universe is governed by a set of universal laws; these laws cannot be changed, cannot be broken and apply to every individual, regardless of age or race. These laws are […]

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Acknowledgments   Thankful to all the incredible teachers who have taught me the real understanding of life and contributed their great part in my life and happiness, I’m grateful for their teachings, support and love. At last, I would show my gratitude towards “The Divine” and my […]

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Astral Projection (Chapter III)

    I’m sure you guys have definitely enjoyed and made the most of the Chakra Activation & Balancing (Guided Meditation). Now here we are going to learn another significant exercise called “Breath of Death” and I’ve already told you its name in chapter II. The video […]

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Astral Projection (Chapter II)

      Symptoms of Projection Remember the story of a drowning man who lost hope because he couldn’t see the land? He stopped swimming, even though the shore was just a mile away! Unfortunately, he didn’t know how close he was! Most people give up too […]

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Astral Projection (Chapter I)

    Today I’m very pleased to start and open the topic of “Astral Projection” in both Shifa Online’s article and discussion forum. I had intended to start the topic long before but because of my schedule and emails that I daily  receive at Shifa Online I […]

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