I’ve been asked so many times by different people that how to control energies. Energies like psychic, kundalni, third eye, jinn, guardian angels and others, and this made me write this explanation.

People wanders here and there to know the tips on controlling different energies so they can use them in their daily life affairs or to help others and when such people come to me asking the same I always reply them “It’s not a good choice to control the energies”.

But why it’s not a good choice when thousands of people are ready to even pay you some good amount of money just to let them know how to control, infact they’re dying to know.

If you start to control something you have to control it all your life and it becomes a constant tension and you have to be guarding them for if you not you will lose the control.

Let’s say you were a king, you appoint some soldiers to help you to protect you and to protect others but to guard the soldiers you have to appoint some more soldiers higher in rank who can guard the lower ranked soldiers and maintain the check and balance so that the lower ranked can’t betray. Now you’re tension free from lower ranked but you still have the tension about theĀ  higher ranks you need some more again you will definitely need some commanders and marshals and a chief but still you would not be satisfied and the tension will loom in your mind always.

At other hand when you controlling you know that when it’s worse your energies may left you because when it’s worse you will find difficulty in controlling. So controlling has never been a good idea it’s a fools game and i believe you never want to be the part of this.

Energies are inside you and all around you so why don’t just feel them, enjoy them and love them. Let them floating around your body let them move freely and just watch them and feel them. When they notice you’re not the person who love to control but the person who love the freedom and love to love they will start to get acquainted with you and then the point come where they let you absorb them and this is how you can make them fall for you you can make them fall in love with you and when this happen you will become their beloved.

Nobody wants to be controlled, do you want to be?

Everybody may leave you when its worst but your lover may never leave you, come what may!

Love the energies, love the creation, love yourself and when you start doing it you will see the universe start to love you. When this happens you don’t need to command the energies as they will be always around you, you don’t need to ask them to come along as they will always be with you and within you like a lover, like the moths dances around the flame without the fear of being hurt. Then you don’t need to guard, you can be absolutely relaxed and have no fears, no tensions.

This is the real control!