A True Lover?



Once hadtarh Musa Aleyhey Salam visited to Mount Sinai and requested to Allah that he had always wanted to meet an extreme lover of Allah so Allah replied O! Musa even you’re my lover but when Hadrath Musa insisted on that so Allah told him to visit a particular mount and to find a particular person.

When Musa reached the particular mount and found the particular person so it was to his surprise that the particular person was suffering from severe leprosy and that all near surrounding were stinking so badly because the guy’s body was completely rotten so seeing the particular condition MUSA felt disappointment and wanted to return but at the same time the person called the name of Musa,” O! Musa how come you came with so interest for meeting me and when you finally found me only to return and feeling disappointment why so? “

Musa replied ” I was wondering if you’re the same extreme lover of Allah that I had came to meet but it was to my surprise how come you suffering from severe leprosy and every part of your body is rotten and it stinks?”

The Guy replied, Musa the lovers of Allah always remain satisfied and do sabr/endure no matter what. We always remain happy.

Then Musa asked him if he wanted anything so he replied yes “I only had only two wishes one was to meet you that’s accomplished and another one is i want to drink some cold water so if you can bring it for me”.

No sooner Hadrath Musa went to find cold water a lion came and torn the guy (extreme lover) from top to toe. When Musa returned after getting the cold water he became really sad to watch this and burry the guy. When he returned to Mount Sinai he asked Allah about the entire situation because somehow he was still unable to comprehend so Allah replied, “O! Musa he (the guy) made two mistakes. One he worked hard all his life for he wanted to be amongst my extreme lover but when he was almost there he wanted to meet you and see you. Secondly He asked you for the cold water, if had asked from me I would have created a river of cold water for him.