Negative Beliefs Negative Reality…

Negative Beliefs Negative Reality…

Imagine about the implications of this in daily life….

If your beliefs influence what you see and experience, how are the beliefs you currently hold determining your own reality?

What May Seem Impossible to One Person May Seem Possible to another It is also important to make sure that your beliefs are yours and yours alone.

Many of your beliefs are created or influenced by TV and other people.
However these beliefs often give us an artificial vision of reality and only serve to limit your own beliefs, or make you believe things that are not true.

Learning From Beliefs…

What we learn from the dolphin picture is that your beliefs have an enormous influence on shaping your reality.

Disadvantages of Negative Believe System

Negative believe system makes your spiritual body weaker and unfortunately it’s the high time for evil to overcome you either its black magic, demons, evil spirit or any other evil body. Evil bodies always search for the victims with weak spiritual body. When you conform negative belief system you’re actually making your spiritual body weak which is supposed to be a protector against evil and when your protector becomes weak evil finds it’s a real easy to take over. At other hand even if you’re not taken over by evil but your negative belief system lead you towards psychological problems and become spiritually restless, feeling nervousness , anxiety , depression and many other problems.

Negative Thoughts

One of the major spiritual diseases that attack because of negative belief system is negative thoughts which are supposed to be the root of all other issues. Negative thoughts can be of many kinds, ex. Unknown fears, phobias, incredulity on everybody, making wrong opinions about people, always looking the darker sides, looking for negative in anything, not being appreciative & generous and many similar issues. Once you get used to negative thoughts the next step will be negative actions. When you make negative opinions about someone you keep thinking about him/her and keep making plans to harm him/her in some way and let’s say if something wrong happens with him/her you will feel joy in yourself. When you being incredulous you won’t share your issues and problems with others, as a result you will take wrong decisions and make trouble for yourself and for others as well or otherwise will be depressed and get into other psychological problems. When think negative of everything won’t be able to take any task and fulfill it or otherwise choose the negative way to fulfill it. People with a negative belief system either consider themselves to be very positive, reasoner and wise or think to be very naïve, godforsaken and oppressed. Inferiority or superiority complex can be easily seen in these types of people.

excerpts from Miyan Sahab’s book: “Black Magic & Demons Easy Cure”


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