Today I’m very pleased to start and open the topic of “Astral Projection” in both Shifa Online’s article and discussion forum. I had intended to start the topic long before but because of my schedule and emails that I daily  receive at Shifa Online I was completely unable to give out any attention and time to this topic,  although  many of the readers kept on asking me when this topic’s would be started.

Anyways now finally it’s good news for all the readers who enjoy the literature of Shifa Online.

There are hundreds of articles, methods and websites about “ASTRAL PROJECTION” maybe found over internet easily but unfortunately readers and people who want to practice it don’t look satisfy at all. I don’t blame any writer, contributor or individuals who tried their best to share out something about this divine phenomenon but rather would like to comment over this issue by making you understand with a simple thing.

Let’s say you got a car and with the best tutorials available you have learnt the theory of driving it, but still no practical and also you’re completely unaware of the basic maintenance of a car. Supposed you don’t know that engine oil is required, water in radiator is required, enough Gas (Fuel) is required and few dozen other things. You must be thinking who doesn’t know about these things, Oh Come On! These are quite common. Indeed they are because a motorcar is no more a mystic in today’s world so we easily become aware of these requisites from our parents, uncles, aunts, and friends and there’s a long list of sources which are always available there to help us.

But at other hand if we talk about “ASTRAL PROJECTION” how many people have you found so far who can claim that they astral project almost every night for as long as they want?

The methods, articles and literature available will help you definitely, and you may have some experiences of PROJECTION as well but sadly they won’t be last longer because when you’re run out of your gas (FUEL) you don’t know how to get it filled and your ASTRAL VEHICLE will stop functioning, or let’s say you’re driving your astral vehicle with very low or no engine oil what do you think will happen? Engine Seized? Means a barrier will be created which will definitely stop you for months or maybe years to have another Astral Experience and I’m sure many of the practitioners experience the same issues.



People always look for something instant and definitely they want instant ASTRAL PROJECTION.  Sorry to disappoint you friends but there’s no such thing called INSTANT in Spiritual Science. If someone is selling you an instant astral projection formula, he’s simply CHEATING and MAKING SOME GOOD MONEY out your interest. If the divine phenomenon were really instant, the Monks, Saints, Yogis and Sufis would never spent years and years in their practices and rather buy a tablet, oil and use it instead.

Instant are always noodles (Joke Is A Part) but even instant noodles required a good recipe, ingredients and good machineries at factory’s end.


Don’t Read Further If!

I honestly discourage anybody who’s looking for an instant recipe of ASTRAL PROJECTION because there’s no such you may find atleast at SHIFA ONLINE.



A.P or O.B.E (Etheric Projection)

People erroneously merge the two concepts “Astral Projection” & “Out Of Body Experience or Etheric Projection”.



O.B.E (Etheric Projection)

The out of body experience or etheric projection is something when, while projection you find yourself in a ghost like form in the physical/material reality. This physical reality may differ a bit from the physical reality you know if strict mind control is not maintained. It’s more like a remote viewing experience where traveler can experience and witness real time happenings.  



Astral Projection

In astral projection you find yourself in real domain, described by New Age Occultists as the astral plane or “astral realm”. Environment in the astral plane may range from populated to unpopulated, artificial to natural to completely abstract environments and from beatific to horrific. Normal physical laws often do not apply and humans can often float or fly manifest things quick. Quality of physical detail ranges from crude, non-detailed and depressing to bright, vivid and fascinating as detailed. In astral projection maintaining a good mind control often let you explore different parallel universes, different levels of astral realm, past life and future events moreover it’s also possible to have a meeting with spirits of different spiritual gurus, saints, monks, Sufis, messengers and your relatives.



Akashic Records

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky. It’s a record that’s believed to contain extremely sensitive information of universe. e.g. purpose of creation, details about angels and archangels, information about parallel universes and different levels of astral realm, past and future events and sacred know ledges. The concept of Akashic Records is found in different religions with different names and it’s believed that it can be accessed in astral realm on very higher level.



Lucid Dreaming

it’s a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he’s/she’s dreaming. In a lucid dream, the dreamer can actively participate and manipulate fantasy experiences in the dream environment.

According to different physiatrists a lucid dream can begin in one of two ways. A dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) starts as a normal dream, and the dreamer eventually concludes it is a dream, while a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) occurs when the dreamer goes from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness.



Labyrinth of Projection

Understanding the labyrinth of projection takes years because the “Lucid Dreaming”, “Etheric Projection or O.B.E” and “Astral Projection” are fine neighbors so when practicing PROJECTION your mind often switches between these three stats. e.g  let’s see your doing astral projection and suddenly fall into lucid dreaming, or you’re doing astral projection and suddenly fall into etheric projection, or etheric to astral, lucid dreaming to etheric . It always happens and often with new practitioners. To understand the concept more clearly I’m also including an image illustration of BASIC PROJECTION TRINGLE which will definitely help you a lot to understand what I mean.


Simple Projection Triangle


In the next chapter I’ll be explaining the different symptoms of projection because many people give-up or become scared when they experience the symptoms of projection and it results the immediate exit from the projection state and because of the symptom’s fear that remains in their minds they become unable to initiate the symptoms again for months or even for years.

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