Symptoms of Projection

Remember the story of a drowning man who lost hope because he couldn’t see the land? He stopped swimming, even though the shore was just a mile away! Unfortunately, he didn’t know how close he was!

Most people give up too soon because they don’t see instant results but if you know what notice to expect along the way, you will know that you are right on track.

I have listed some common Projection symptoms. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are about the initials the more success you are apt to achieve.


1. Vibrations

Vibrations are probably the most common of all pre-Projection sensations, and you should be fully prepared for it. You might feel as if a part or all of your body begins to “vibrate”. These vibrations normally start slow and gradually intensify. If you experience this for the first time, you might get troubled and feel that your entire body is being electrocuted from head to toe! Although the vibrations can be very strong, they are not physical vibrations because nothing physically vibrates. Vibrations are a sure-shot indication that you are getting close to a successful Projection.



2. Sleep Paralysis / Catalepsy

Sleep Paralysis or Catalepsy is another very common symptom that you might experience during your projection practice. Sleep Paralysis is a state when you may suddenly find yourself unable to move or speak. Your physical body will feel so completely “paralyzed” that you simply cannot seem to move any part of your body at all. If you don’t know what’s going on, it can be fairly scary. But do not be alarmed when this occurs because this condition is perfectly safe. Projection Paralysis means you are getting close to the actual exit.



3. Buzzing and Other Sounds

Most common sounds that you can hear are buzzing; whooshing, rushing, roaring, explosions or bird squawking, a chime being struck, knocking, thumping, voices of people conversing with each other, gunshot, loud bell. Out of all these, buzzing seems to be a very common pre-projection symptom and can intensify so much that you feel there are hundred helicopters in your ears! These sounds are temporary and subside once the separation process is complete. Recognition of such sounds is an important step because they prove to you that you are on track.




4. Visual Hallucinations

While practicing, you may also see geometric patterns, pulsating colors and lights, specific scenes, visions of paradise or hell or anything imaginable.



5. Rapid Heart Rate

Rapid heartbeat is a very common pre-Projection symptom. The exact reason for this is unknown. But probably the racing-heart phenomenon is because of the opening up of the heart Chakra. Or maybe it is a side effect of fear or excitement. Either case, you need to remain passive and calm.



6. Breathing Changes

This is an apparent shortness of breath. You need to keep cool and the feeling would soon subside.



7. Movement Sensations

You may experience sensations of dizziness, vertigo, falling or flying up at great speeds, rocking or even swaying. These occur because it is the start of the Projection sequence as the Astral/Etheric body starts to separate from the physical. A very positive symptom proving that your Astral/Etheric body has “loosened” from the physical confines!




8. Weight Changes

Changes in feeling of weight can occur. You may suddenly feel that your body has become very heavy. Or you may feel very light, as if you are weightless.




9. Proportion Changes


You may also feel that your body is changing in proportion. You might have the sensation that you are growing or shrinking in size.



10. Temperature Changes

This is again a very common phenomenon. Your body temperature might drop and you will feel a cool breeze blowing over you or your body temperature may increase and start feeling hot.


People are different. Therefore, the symptoms you experience will be based on your personality and individuality. The intensity of some of these symptoms will vary from person to person. Each Projection attempt may give in different symptoms, in a different sequence. These were some of the common symptoms you might come across. There are many more. Just be aware of them so that next time you experience something similar, you know you are on the right track!



Knowing the symptoms!

These symptoms can be easily found on many websites, BOOKS, EBOOKS and article available over internet but knowing the symptoms don’t guarantee that once you feel these symptoms you remain in maintained mind control. This happens only because you’re not yet completely prepared to cope with your fears even if somehow, now you’re aware of these symptoms but what if while you practicing you notice rapid heart rate and breath changes and this makes you scare and you right away push the button “EXIT”, you will miss another chance.


Preparation is better than repenting!

Off course preparation is far better than repenting. This is why I always advice my students to be better prepared before they try to attempt their first projection experience. It’s not just about closing your eyes and does the visualization techniques easily available on hundreds and thousands of websites, books and eBooks available all over. But it’s about actually igniting your SUBTLE BODY, begin to maintain the flow of energies and begin to understand these energies upon your will. This is why saints, monks, Sufis spends months after months just to align up the things and it resulted as a pure PROJECTION experience without interruptions, breakups and they may project for as long as they want not for as long as their bodies allow them. And this is why I come to know many people practicing projection do become successful but sometimes once in a month, twice in a month and that too for very short period just because they are not yet prepared to maintained and understand the flow of energy and can’t use it according to their will. Choice is always yours either you want to do preparation and enjoy the complete joy of Projection or not.





Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Chakras are considered to be the center of energies and believed to be located in our SUBTLE BODY. The concepts of chakras are found in almost every religion with different variations. According to the beliefs we receive different vital and life energies through our chakras. It is also believed that we have seven main chakra centers and that each main center is connected to our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On the physical level each chakra governs a main organ or gland, which is then connected to other body parts that resonate the same frequency.



The names of the seven main chakras and the master organ that each one governs are as follows:


  • The base Chakra         (located at the base of your spine between your legs)
  • The Sacral Chakra       (located at the genital part/sex organ)
  • The Navel Chakra        (located at your navel)
  • The Heart Chakra        (Located at your heart)
  • The Throat Chakra      (Located at your throat)
  • The Brow Chakra         (Located at your third eye between your eye brows)
  • The Crown Chakra       (Located at the crown of your head)




It’s highly advisable and required to learn to maintain the flow and understanding the energies before step into projection. The first thing I must advice is start with the balancing and activation of chakras. Again fellows there are no short ways to achieve the inner peace and understanding towards the universe and its mysteries. So we’ll learn the PROJECTION in 5 lengthy steps.



  • Chakra Activation and Balance (To Maintain and Understand The Flow Of Energies)
  • Breath Of Death (An Advance Exercise That Sufis/Monks/Yogis/Saints do to invoke the Vital Energies)
  • Visualizations (Different Visualization Techniques Which Will Be Used To Transfer Your Vital Energies To Your SUBTLE BODY To Activate & Ignite It.)
  • Projection & Maintaining The Projection
  • Understanding The Alternate Dimensions



This entire procedure may take you year or two but as aforementioned there’s no shortcut in the world of spiritual sciences.




For chakra activation and balancing I’ve designed a wonderful guided meditation that will help you activate and balance your chakras and as well as help you to maintain the flow and understand the energies. You may find the guided meditation below. However there are some essential requirements for this guided meditation as follows:


  • Should be empty stomach (if you have had meal just now wait for atleast 3 hours before initiating)
  • Should be comfortable with loose clothing
  • Should listen and follow at a noise free place
  • Women/Girls shouldn’t do while their menstrual cycle
  • If you ever feel highly dizzy and nausea right away open your eyes and don’t follow the instructions atleast for today


That’s all!

Now you’re ready to go to move your first Step.  

I wish you Unlimited Peace, Joy, Happiness!



  1. plz also translate in urdu

  2. Dear Andlib,

    I believe the entire articles published in website are in easy English so that anybody can understand however if you still feel trouble with it, we’ll try to go to the translation phase but right now we have nobody who can do the translation tasks for us.

    Jazak Allah ho khair

  3. sir can u explain how aura gets clear while we just imagine, i mean any logic

  4. Dear Andlib,

    This is called creative visualization, we actually visualize here and receive energies into our energy centers (chakras, auras) and thus they get clear and it’s not called the imagination the appropriate word can be creative visualization or meditation (Murraqba).

  5. sir aoa whats are signs that aura is now clear/clean

  6. When chakras are balanced and active you will feel the flow of the energy of and on while doing the meditation your health conditions will improve, sleep conditions will improve.

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