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I’m one of those fortunate people who have been able to meet the teachers who were profound in the realization of truth…. I spent over 22 years enlightening my awareness and learning the secrets of true realization of truth and realization of self from various greatest spiritual teachers whom I’ve met so far in my journey of learning the realization. I also founded an online resource to help people of different race and religions to get free spiritual healing, consultancy and become aware of “Spiritual & Self Development” with the help of modern technology and the global distribution of the Internet. Today the resource is known as “Shifa Online” and is considered amongst the top resources available on internet for the purposes above mentioned and hundreds of people are helped every month. The idea behind “Shifa Online” had emerged in my mind in early 2000 when I came across that many fake gurus and peers ripping off people in different ways to get some fame and money. So I started working on this project in late 2000 and gave it the shape of reality in mid of 2001 and as of today “Shifa Online” is a renowned name amongst people who want to get free spiritual healing, consultancy and want to become aware of “Spiritual & Self Development”. I have been serving people worldwide through SHIFA ONLINE since 2001 and providing the best solutions to their problems and not a single penny is asked in return for these services.

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