Avoiding Negativity


If you want to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals then it’s very essential to avoid the negativity inside you or around you, because until there’s negativity it means you will keep attracting more of it, because either consciously or subconsciously your mind beings negative and it will attract more negative energies for you and it means more negative situations, more negative beliefs and more negative concepts so it’s very essential to rise above the negativity before you proceed to attract positive energies in your life.



Let’s start with some of the negative feelings that generates negative energies/vibes and become the cause of the negativity


  • Disappointment
  • Loneliness
  • Lack (of any of life’s necessities or luxuries)
  • Sadness
  • Confusion
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Hurt
  • Jealousy



You become disappointed when you expect things from people and not from the divine, because you belief that there’s lack, lack of love, lack of money, lack of jobs, lack of friendship lack of everything and this is why you run after others because you think they can grant you these and that belief “Lack” attracts more lack for you and you become disappointed. Once you become disappointed then you may become sad, angry, you feel hurt, feel lonely or feel jealous of those who already have it, means you’re entrapped with negativity and now you will be radiating the negative vibes/energies and will attract more and more of it.


Don’t think evil about others if you really want the Law of Attraction to work in your life. Because if you think ill about others it means you’re polluting your mind with negativity, when you think ill about others you radiate negative energies/vibes about them because when you think ill about others you become jealous of them, you want to hurt them or want something bad for them and in all the cases your mind and beliefs are being negative and results you receive from the Law of Attraction are always accordant to your beliefs and thoughts.


Two years back a guy came to me and told me his story that he had been a very good student and always had achieved very good grades since he joined the university, after further probing he told me that there were some guys studying in the same class and they were very talented and genius so he started living in fear and confusion of losing his grades and started getting jealous of them. He was actually being negative at that time and was radiating the same energies so he was being manifested more jealously by THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, he kept on losing his grades, more disappointments more fears and more stress so I suggested him to change his feelings towards the guys and try to develop the feelings of appreciation for them instead of getting jealous of them and suspend the fears of losing your grades as the Divine is abundant and have more than ample bounties for everybody. After 8 months the same guy called me, he was really excited to inform me that he had achieved tremendous grades in his semester.     


The Law of Attraction is always at work in your lives so whatever the feeling you develop it brings more of it. If you develop the feelings of jealousy it will create more situations where you become more and more jealous, if you develop the feelings of confusion it will bring you more confusion through different situations.


If you want peace for your self consider peace for others, if you want health for your self consider health for others, if you want wealth for your self consider wealth for others as well, because if you want all the good for your self and considering something bad for others it means you’re being selfish and selfishness is a negative state of mind that generates negativity.  


What if someone else is being offensive to you? What if someone else is thinking evil about you and keep on spoiling your life????


In such cases two things happen either you answer back with the same behavior to them or you started feeling sad and become suffocated and look for sympathies, but in both situation your mind keeps thinking about the negative behavior of others about what’s going on in your life? Why only you? Your life is like mess …. You don’t want a life like this …. Why others treating you like you’re nobody …. You feel tired of your life …. And you start feeling the negative feelings either consciously or subconsciously. Your mind remains focused on the negative things happening in your life and it don’t let you to switch your thoughts to the other things and the result you will manifest again according to your thoughts, more problems, more mess, more and more people treating you like nobody.


Few months ago a woman contacted me at my email about the domestic problems she had been facing for years. She told me she was living with her in- laws and they don’t treat her as a family member and always hurt her self ego and blah blah blah. She further explained the situation, that her husband knew everything and he wanted to get separated from his family but as he was financially not well established he was not in the situation to buy or rent a separate home for his family and this is why her relations with her husband were also not good they were always fighting on these issues. I suggested her to do cleansing of her negative feelings and try to divert her mind from what she don’t want to what she do want. If she faces the issues created by the in laws don’t let her mind focus on them because if she focuses on the issues the negativity of their in-laws would infect her. I advised her to practice these things with persistence and you know what happened? 


15 days ago I received her email that her husband got a very good job in Middle East and they are going there.


Have you ever spent your time with someone who was so grave, disappointed, pessimist always loved to claim about the darker sides of life, telling disappointing stories that they consistently gave off a “negative vibe” which seemed to suck the life and happiness out of all those around them?


The negativity is something similar to an infection if you focus on the negativity it infects you and you also become infected with it so the best way to avoid negativity is not focus on that.


Once you start feeling negative it becomes difficult day by day to rise above the negativity because the single feeling of negativity entrap you to feel more of the negative feelings and you create a world full of negativity around you.



Viral Negativity


These days many of us become the victim of viral negativity. What exactly is viral negativity? How about I give you an example on how it works.


Let’s say you’re watching television and suddenly you switch channel to watch some news and there you see the coverage of a bomb blast many innocent people died, many injured. Well to say the least you’re completely shocked. You wonder if this would ever happen to you but you clear you mind because you belief it would not and you decide to put no more energy on this subject, while at dinner you relive the blast and discuss it with your family. The next day in the office you get a call from your wife and she tells you one of the relative of her friend died in the blast, you’re at work and you seem upset. A colleague asks if you’re ok and you relay the whole story to him. He tells you he knows a family who lost their 5 years old daughter in a similar blast and it really feels pathetic. You find at the launch hour that the same colleague is discussing with other co-worker the same story and you just continue to be upset.


This whole scenario is what is called ‘viral negativity’. You take a negative situation that is either yours or someone else’s and beat it into the ground. You relive the feelings and thoughts over and over again. You tell your family, you tell your co-worker how upset it makes you. Then they begin to talk to their friends or family and the viral negativity continues. This can spread everywhere. This is viral negativity.


It’s best just not to be a part of a negative situation and spreading the negative news. Each thought and feeling you have, brings you a similar thought and feeling right back to you through the Divine. When you become a part of viral negativity you are hurting yourself and the others involved.


Don’t spread negativity. Change the perception and it will change the circumstances of your life through the Law of Attraction. And keep this in mind… It takes the same amount of time to spread viral POSITIVITY and in the process of doing that, you may find the solution for yourself, or your friends – no matter what the problem.



“Avoid destructive thinking. Improper negative thoughts sink people. A ship can sail around the world many, many times, but just let enough water get into the ship and it will sink so with the human mind. Let enough negative thoughts or improper thoughts get into the human mind and the person sinks just like a ship.”

                            Alfred A Montapert


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