So this story is very old and you probably have heard it many times before. But today we will try to learn and unduerstand something from this story.

Many years ago, the king of an empire was a person who admires beautiful women. One day while he was on the patrol of his empire, he sees a very beautiful lady beggar, who was begging from door to door. The king was lost in the beauty of beggar and decided to marry her. Not a difficult task it was for the great ruler. The royal employees immediately ran and arranged the marriage and the beggar became the queen and reached the royal palace.

The life of the beggar changed dramatically. Expensive attires, royal lady servants, banquet dinners and all kinds of food were available to the newly wed queen of the empire. But despite all these facilities, the king repeatedly felt that the new queen was suffering from anxiety and depression, and her health was deteriorating day by day. Especially when the royal banquet is laid in front of the queen, the queen seems to be changing positions rather than eating.

The king approached the royal physicians, realizing the Queen’s distress, and despite all the medical treatment, when no improvement was seen in the Queen’s condition, the king became very upset and consulted with his most trusted minister. The minister advised that nowadays there is a dervaish living in the kingdom whose wisdom and solutions are far and wide. So the next day the king summoned the dervaish to the kings chamber. When he came to the king the next day, he said that he wanted all the information about the queen, wanted to know her lineage, and for a few hours want to observe all the movements of the queen. So one of the minister described the reality of the queen, and for a few hours, Darwish continued to observe all the movements of the queen.

Dervaish finally understood the problem and advised that a long wall should be created inside the palace and that many doors should be placed at a short distance and that few royal lady servants would be standing behind these doors. When finished, Darwish said that now at the dinner, the Queen must knock on the doors begging for food and so It was done accordingly. It was the nature and habit of begging that made the queen sick and when she got the chance to beg again the problem Went away .

What is important to understand here is that human nature is formed in the seven years after birth and after that it becomes very difficult to change this nature incase it does something against it or if something appears to be contrary, then it destroys the mind & body. It’s very very difficult to change your nature and Spiritual alchemists have called this change as transformation, which is a particularly a very painful process. The RUMI says it as “You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens”.

Opening here refers to the awareness and transformation of the heart and mind. On the other hand, one thing that can be learned from this story is that our mind often gets stuck in a circle in our life and then despite the millions of rewards and blessings of Allah azzo wa jal showering outside that particular circle, we keep moving around the circle. It’s like spinning around and subconsciously preventing ourselves and covering our eyes about the rewards outside the circle that Allah azzo wa jal wants to shower us with and a thousand times better and more beautiful than the circle. And finally we do not truly understand and remain unable enjoy the beauty of life outside this circle.

In the end, We should be praying enough enough to Allah to help us get out of our circles and give us the wisdom to thank him for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon us. because over time the dust of time covers those blessings and by the end those blessings are taken away from us. At that time we have left with nothing but regrets, sorrow and suffering. 

Miyan Sahab’s Lessons

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