Beliefs (Part II)


The Reality of Beliefs

Without one piece of fundamental information (i.e. the existence of dolphins) a portion of reality associated with that information is not visible to you. In other words, had not known there were dolphins in the picture you most probably would not have noticed them. But once you are aware of this information, your awareness of reality gets develop and now you can see both the erotic figure and the dolphins.


Limiting Beliefs Limit Reality…


Imagine about the implications of this in daily life…


If your beliefs influence what you see and experience, how are the beliefs you currently hold determining your own reality?


Are your beliefs allowing you to see and experience the things you want to see and experience?


Or the things you don’t?


What May Seem Impossible To One Person May Seem Possible To Another It is also important to make sure that your beliefs are yours and yours alone.


Many of your beliefs are created or influenced by TV and other people. However these beliefs often give us an artificial vision of reality and only serve to limit your own beliefs, or make you believe things that are not true.


Learning From Beliefs…


What we learn from the dolphin picture is that your beliefs have an enormous influence on shaping our reality.


Let’s say you believe consciously or subconsciously that lot of money is not a good thing or lot of money can ruin your life or one can never make lot of money with the right way or right deeds, one have to be doing wrong things following a wicked way, doing wicked things to make lot of money and blah blah blah. It’s observed and I come across many people believing like this and what actually happen, that particular belief creates a barrier that you won’t get pass and you keep attracting limited money just because of your own belief system. 


You must have come across many people saying Money is the root of all evil but I say money is not the root of all evil it’s your negative belief system that’s the root of all evil because you attract your realities according to your beliefs. If you belief money is the root of all evil so I’ll be the very first person saying that, yes it is, because holding this belief creates your reality in such a way that whenever you attract money it becomes evil for you but if you think the other way money is blessing for you and for everybody else. With money you can help others, you can do charity works, you can provide someone a meal, you can provide someone with clothing and you can provide someone a place to live or with money you can even support a significant cause.


It’s not necessary that you have to be a sinister or wicked to make lot of money or you can only make money with a wicked way. It’s entirely not necessary, through out the history studying the present you can find many people doing no wicked things they are benign, Humane, benevolent doing no wicked things but still rich with lot of money, So it all depends on your belief system.

Let suppose, you’re preparing for a medical entry or engineering test and focused with your thoughts that you’re going to clear the test and you’re radiating the positive vibes of confidence but at other hand you believe either consciously or subconsciously that you don’t have enough intelligence to clear the test, you’re not as intelligent as your other mates, or you have a fear of failing the test either consciously or subconsciously , so again a barrier is going to be created between you and the abundance bounty of the Divine. No matter how focused you’re no matter how much positive vibes you’re releasing the results will be manifested according to your belief system.


Let me explain you with the help of an illustration that how our belief system suspends the results received by the Divine or you can call it God, Nature or the Universe ……. Whatever …….


Look at this picture!


The divine is always there to receive requests/vibes from you and always responds to your requests/vibes. But before you receive the results the communication gets filtered by your belief system and if the results are not accordant to your belief system your subconscious suspends the results and then the results you manifest is called your reality according to your belief system. But if you change your beliefs you will definitely manifest different results or reality.


How to Change Your Beliefs


Of course there are many, many other factors which influence our beliefs. These beliefs are usually formed at an early age and unless changed, stay with us for the rest of our lives.


The important point however is that whilst some beliefs may benefit you, many do not, and only serve to limit what you believe you can achieve. But if you can change these belief systems, you will change what you think is possible, and ultimately what you can achieve.


Beliefs should not be measured on your likings and disliking but what will be the outcome of those beliefs in your life. When you become successful in analyzing it then you will be able to distinct the right and wrong beliefs. I know it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers but you have to get your mind used to doing this.


Now we talk about the beliefs which are already a part of your belief system and your mind consciously or subconsciously following them daily so it’s really not easy to alter those beliefs because your mind is already used to following them and they are a part of your belief system. In this case the best solution is to make your mind realize about the right and the wrong belief, furnish both right and the wrong belief to your mind and explain the advantages of the right belief and the disadvantages of the wrong one then ask question to your mind about the different significance factors of the both beliefs in your life and let your mind to analyze.


Trust me it’s the best weapon I’ve ever come across just by practicing it for a few weeks you will see yourself how your mind starts choosing the right beliefs.


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