Beliefs (Part I)

A belief is something that you consider to be true, or occur in a particular way. Belief systems act like filters in the subconscious, causing you to see the world in a specific way. They edit your reality, and therefore influence your actions.

Beliefs play a vital role in your life especially when you talk about the law of attraction because whatever you attract it gets filter by your belief system and you receive the results from the Divine according to your belief system rather than what you want. Your thoughts are accordant to your beliefs. Everybody is following a particular belief system in their lives; none of us can claim to have no belief system in our lives. Our lives are flowing with a belief system either consciously or subconsciously.    

Your belief system is stored in subconscious mind or you can say your belief system is a program installed in your subconscious mind and run by your subconscious mind. Whenever you receive inspirations and results from the Divine your subconscious mind triggers your belief system to filter the results after the results are filtered your subconscious mind suspends the results it believes you should not have.

How do belief systems form?

Well, while many factors can form belief systems, the 2 most important are your parents and your early school education.

Beliefs from Parents       

When you enter the world you arrive with a blank mind. You have no defined ideas about the world, how it works, you have no “filters” and anything is possible. However as a survival mechanism human beings are genetically programmed to imitate or copy those around them, and as a result are extremely susceptible to external influences.
These influences first come in the form of your parents. As you grow older you learn from your parents what you can and can’t do, in short you adopt their belief systems, which in turn filter your reality and therefore how you view the world.

For example, are you a positive person or are you negative?

Are you a calm person or do you have a temper?

Compare your characteristics to those of your parents, and see how many belief systems you adapted from them.

Beliefs from School

One common belief children adapt from their schools that if they don’t achieve higher grades they won’t get good jobs. But this belief is false as there are many successful millionaires in the world, many of whom never even finished school.

However should children finish school with poor grades and accept this limiting false belief, they are then likely to believe success is something they cannot achieve. Their belief system simply does not allow for the possibility of success, and as a result they become fail to attract what they want in their lives.

How belief creates reality

Well let me explain with the help of an illustration that how our beliefs create our reality ……


Look at this picture what do you see?

As an adult you most possibly saw an erotic image of a woman in the arms of a man. You saw this figure because you are aware of what sex is, and have been exposed to sexual images throughout your life.

However this picture is an optical illusion.

At other hand when children are asked what the picture shows, they say nine (small & black) dolphins and cannot see the erotic figure!

As young children are not aware of sex, their belief systems only allow for them to see things which they think are possible. Since they are not aware of sex, there’s no possibility for them and therefore does not exist.

Now that you are aware there are dolphins in the picture, try and find them.

I See Dolphins!

So what has happened here?

This image shows you reasonably factually how your beliefs selectively filter your reality and therefore determine what you see and experience.

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