The concept of good and bad, negative and positive, evil and holyspirit is found and is the base of all the known religions and spiritual orders. In spirituality the wellbeing of our material body is dependent on the wellbeing of our subtle body, spiritual body, body of lights and colors, or our spirit . By telling wellbeing I don’t only mean sick as a physical sickness. It can be mental, psychological, emotional wellbeing as well.

We need healthy and organic food as a fuel for our material body or biological vessel. If we don’t eat healthy food and don’t give the fuel amount required by our physical body it starts to become weak and weak and we eventually become sick. What’s happening here as a general thought that ABC person is getting weak because he’s not taking healthy food. But in spirituality or metaphysical approach everything is energy either good or bad, evil or holyspirit, negative or positive. So the healthy food we talking about is actually an amount of positive energy that’s contained in it’s biological vassal. Healthy fruits, vegetables, nutts, milk and everything else. Before we step into metaphysics or spirituality we need to learn, Relearn and start to see and feel things in their true forms besides their biological vassals.

Well I guess our topic is Chakras but I thought that it’s important to learn these basic concepts before we talk about chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally means “wheel” or “disk”.

But what are they??

Before discussing chakra further I once again want you to divert your mind to your physical body….

Our physical body have different organs these organs have different functionality but among these organs there are some very important organs like kidneys, liver, stomach and lungs. Their main role is to remove toxins or waste material, unhealthy material from body. Imagine if any of them stopped working, malfunctions, or don’t work accordingly and properly then what happen?

Toxins, unhealthy materials don’t get flushed out your body they stay there, rot there make things worse inside of your body, affect other organs and body parts and finally make you sick.

Chakras have the same functionality and considered the major organs of your spiritual body.

OK once again we are going take a mindwalk to previously discussed and learned major concept of Metaphysical and spiritual sciences which is energy.

So guys our body of light needs energy and chakras, lata’if or any other name they are filters. We bring cosmic energies into our selves through these energy centers. If they are balanced, activated and working accordingly they filter the negative energies and bring in the positive energies only. But if they unbalanced, malfunctions and not working accordingly they remain unable to filter out the negative energies and our body of lights start to stock on negative energy as well, which make things unbalanced for us in term of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Like material world filters where once filter gets very dirty or malfunction we need to replace but here we need to align our chakras, wash them with divine lights and energies, remove the negativity stuck in them which is making them slow and once we go through all the repairing the energy centers are all new.

What happen when chakras are unbalanced, malfunctions and don’t work accordingly?? How it impacts the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing??

Making long story short, if they are unbalanced, malfunctions and don’t work accordingly people feel hatered, lack of empathy, jealousy, confusion, anxiety, depression, inferiority, superiority, lack of self love, different physical diseases attack and people go through many emotional and psychological issues.

How many chakras do we have and where they are located???

Spiritual masters have always been in disagreement about the numbers and location of chakras we have. Some presented the theory of 6 chakras, some 7 , some says they are 12 , some says they are more than 12. Best part is either you go for 6 or 7 or 12 or any other numbers you will feel and witness the impact. Now why is that so??

OK let’s understand it this way. Almost fourty years ago the treatment of kidney stones was a cut open surgery but as research, experiments and medical science grew there are now alternate options such as laser surgery. Also there has been some herbal and homeopathic remedies always existed even fourty years ago that made the Stones out without a single cut.

Same is the case with numbers and locations of chakras. There have many masters, many methods and although the never agreed on same principles but their basic principle was same that is to renew and repair the filters and therefore their remedies reach the core of these energy centers through different channels and routes and do the magic.

I have been doing chakra balancing through different methods on internet and books and I do feel the impact but it’s not as strong as it should be and it’s not long lasted why???

You are not feeling good… You are sick in stomach.. You goto a pharmacy and buy some otc (over the counter) medication for stomach, you use them and feel relaxed, let’s say for a month or a week but again the problem reoccured. Because the OTC did it work to the best it can, it stopped the problem but it didn’t cure it. There’s another Possibility that the discomfort of your stomach is because of another underlying illness and until unless you check with a proper physician and go through some tests, it cant be identified. Same is the case with spiritual well-being you can’t attain it with OTC over the counter remedies.

Unfortunately the problem with current spiritual orders, spiritual gurus and spiritual masters is that they drive the flock and apply the same, specific methodology to every single individual. I’m really sorry I’m not being critic but that’s how I have perceived it. I believe every individual is unique in their own ways. If a child is born to become an artist, forcing him to become a doctor will only create a mess into his mind and let’s assume even if he become a doctor the confined artist in him will never let him be a good doctor.

Devotees of early masters and gurus achieved and taste the true essence of spirituality because they were given individual attention and their masters dealt every individual according to their capacity after thoroughly evaluation. I hope you understand my point.

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Miyan Sahab Rahmania Fareedi

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