Competitive or Creative?


Competition is a common belief that almost every person holds. You belief that there are limited number of resources that you have to compete for, competing for good jobs, competing for higher grades, competing for money, competing for success and everything good, but this entire belief is based on a thing that is called “LACK” and by now we know that “LACK” is a negative feeling.


“Lack always Attracts Lack”


It is really tough out there to survive, to get good jobs, to get higher grades to get success and everything good in your life.


Yes it’s tough but if only you compete.


Competitions always brings you feelings like anger, jealously, disappointments, stress, confusion and LACK once you become a part of this fool’s game all you attract by the LAW OF ATTRACTION is more and more negativity, because you belief that there are lack of good things so you must compete with others to get all the good things for your self and this creates a situation we call DOG EATS DOG that produces more and more negativity in your life. A competitive mindset always gets More Stress, More Confusions, More Disappointments, More Anger and More Lack means a never ending competition so I belief that you never want to be a part of this fool’s game.


“The way of the sage is to act but not compete.”
Lao Tzu


At other hand if your mindset is creative you belief that the Divine is abundant with ample abundance of bounties for everybody so the competition gets over, No Stress, No Jealousy, No Confusions, No Anger, No Disappointments and No Lack means no negativity at all.


Once you have a creative mindset, you say I don’t want to compete there is abundance of bounties and I allow it to come to me. I can create what I want once you have this mindset it’s no longer hard. We are living in a universe which is abundant. So if you need higher grades create it, if you need good jobs create them, if you need success create it, if you want better relationships create them.


People say nothing good is easy or nothing good is free. This is really an unreasonable belief a good way to figure it out is the questioning process that I told you before. Question that belief that nothing good is easy or nothing good is free, is that true? Why is that true????

A lot of the best things you will ever find in your life are free, the love of someone you really care about, a good view, having good friends so a lot of the good things in life are completely free and even the things the material things you want to manifest are free too once you realize it.

Competative or Creative?

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