After Esha Prayer recite any darood shareef 11 times and then recite the wazeefa given below 500 times and again recite any darood shareef 11 times.  While reciting the wazeefa should be bare headed at an open air place where there’s no shed between you and sky, When done pray to Allah izzo jal for better ways to come out either for wealth issues or job.



  1. for how much days we have to do this wazifa .are we allow to take dopatta on head or not????

  2. As long as you see things start to appear as favoring. This should be done bare headed means without any cap/topi and dupatta

  3. i didnt get this 500 times, what we have to do again??

  4. Salam,

    I read somewhere else that this wazifa makes you rich. Is this true?

    Is it read Ya musbab al asbaab?


  5. Yes Ahmed it’s gives barkat to one’s wealth.

  6. How do you read it in arabic?

  7. musabbab-ul-asbaab

  8. Where we live its hard to stand out side due to too much cold. Can we read the wazifa inside the house.

  9. Yes in such cases you may recite it inside the house Allah Ta’Alah Qabool o manzoor karney waley hain.

  10. Whats does musabbab-ul-asbaab means in English?

    Does a woman have to uncover her head too?

  11. Dear shh,

    it means “oh creator of sources (Allah)”. Yes woman have to uncover the head as well but at a place where can’t be seen by non mehrams if such place can’t be acquired then don’t uncover.


  13. I love vazaeaf.

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