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The ayaat (verses) of the Qur’an compiled herein are generally known as “Manzil”. The elders were particularly punctual in reciting this “Manzil” from amongst other du`as and formulas for protection and cure. It was customary to make special arrangements for children to commit this “Manzil” to memory.

The reading of the “Manzil” has been confirmed to be extremely effective for protection against the evil influence of Jinn, Sihr (witchcraft, sorcery etc.) Evil Eye, Asaaib (Evil Spirits) and other evils. These ayaat of the Qur’an have also been mentioned with a slight variation in the number of ayaat, in the book “Al Qawlul Jameel”, wherein it has also been mentioned that there are these thirty three ayah which ward off the effects of Sihr (witch-craft), and that they are a protection against the Shayatin (devils), thieves and harmful wild beasts.



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    i tdownlout the manzil some how didnt show, and im kind of confuse
    too about the dua,so how to proccess this dua?????

    plz help i really want to know more with details,,,thank u

  9. Dear Shaphiya,

    Just unzip/unrar the package and open the file manzil.htm in any of your browser such as Firefox/Internet Explorer/ Google Chorme.

  10. thank u so much,it work,,but whats is the wazefah???,,,just read it every day??

  11. ssalams. make habit of reading this twice daily. it is really powerful.

  12. ssalams. make habit of reading this twice daily. it is really powerful.

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