Nothing can fulfill my emptiness!



I feel satisfied and filled when you’re around but the times i don’t find you because you have so much other things to do i can’t bind you to be here always with me and the times you’re away, my nights actually become restless and my days pass in the infinite torment.

No wine or nubile can ever fulfill this emptiness, Believe it I tried it so many times and always have failed. No prayer nor any meditation, no nothing, nothing is able to fulfill the emptiness i feel.

To fall in love with you is a feeling that i will never be separated again.

I’m so drunk that I’ve lost the way out, I’ve lost all the ways don’t make me drink more or if you really want me to drink then pour the wine in my mouth with your hands for I’ve lost the way to my mouth.

I’m dancing like a moth and want to be burnt, what are you waiting for come on and burn me turn me into ashes and let the ashes be flown here and there let them be spread.

I’ve tired of floating let me drown in the sea of truth for I want to see atleast once how far I can drown I know I can’t reach the ground for it’s very deep but still I wanna drown.

I’m ready to die in desert of truth but just one request i want you to come just once only once and let me see your gaze before my eyes closed.

I was yours, I’ve been always yours.

Nothing can fulfill my emptiness.

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