Only One Can Live In Heart 

He's 1

Once when Hadrath Imaam Hussain Aleyhey Salam was a kid, he asked Hadrath Ali R.A: “Father, who lives in your heart?” so Hadrath Ali RA replied: “Hussain you live in my heart”.

He (Hussain) again asked, “What about Hassan?” So Hadrath Ali R.A replied “Yes, he lives there too”.

He (Hussain) further asked, “What about Mother (Hadrath Fatima R.A) and Grand Father (Prophet Mohammad Sallal Lal La Ho Alaihey Wasslam?)” So Hadrath Ali replied: “Off course, they live there too.”

At last He (Hussain) asked, “And does Allah lives there too?” So Hadrath Ali said “Yes, He’s there too”.

After thinking a while Hadrath Hussain Aleyhey Salam replied, “O father! I wonder if it’s your heart or an INN. I believe only one can be placed in our heart, not thousands.” So Hadrath Ali RA suddenly cuddled him, kissed his forehead and replied “Yes, Son. You’re right, only one can live in our hearts”.

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