1.) Nazar-e-Bad (Evil Eye)
2.) Getting sick frequently
3.) Stubborn kids
4.) Weak children
5.) Protection for children

Method In Urdu

Ba-wazzo ho kar is taweez ko asmaani rang k moomi kaghaz per likh kar masking tape sey achi tarha cover kar lain takey paani ander na ja sakey us k baad asmaani rang k hi kaprey main si kar asmaani rang ki dori dal kar bachoon ko pehna dain aur har jumay raat ko taweez utaar kar us per lobaan ki dhoni de diya karain.

Method In English
After making waddo write the taweez on a smooth sky blue paper with sky blue ink when done wrap the taweez with a plastic sheet and mask the taweez with masking tape so it will be protected with water. Once finished stitch the taweez under a sky blue cotton cloth and make your children wear this in their neck with a sky blue thread. Give taweez the “FRANKINCENSE” smoke (Lobaan Smoke) every Thursday.

for children

  1. agar koyee aadmi atweez kar k parashan karta ho to ka karay

  2. I have tried to contact through your section on website but it’s not working. So I have sent you an email with my problem. It’s very urgent as my brother is very sick. Please reply to my email. May Allah bless u for this favour.

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