Where are you my love …..?


I’ve been searching for you for so long ……

So many pretended to be my real love …..

but failed because they always remained unable to

understand my silence the wishes i want to be fulfilled

without even asking for them who else can peep into the deep me to know what i want?

or what i feel?

Although I’m always with you ….

but my love for once my love reveal yourself in a form material….

for I want to touch you and want to be more close

and I want you to rest in my arms….

and want you to sleep on my lap You hug me so tightly…

so I stop to breath and i give up myself for you and lost in your

forever !


Jazak Allah Ho Khair
Miyan Sahab Rehmania Fareedi

  1. nice words

  2. ohh!! so nice ! i got a sense of love

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